2018 Stockholm Bainworks Application

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May 27, 2018

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BAINWORKS October 19-21, 2018

Share your results story with us – be it from work, academics, or anything else you are passionate about – as part
of our Results Challenge. Those with the most compelling stories will be invited to a reception early fall where the
winners will be announced. The Swedish winners are invited to BAINWORKS, our EMEA flagship event in
Barcelona, to experience what it is like to work at Bain!

At Bainworks, you will crack a case together with students from other European countries. Take on the role of a
managing director of a Tech Company and decide how to become a successful player on the market. Roll up your
sleeves alongside our consultants and discover if Bain and a career in consulting is the right choice for you! 

- Application process will be open from May 8, 2018
- Application deadline is June 3, 2018
- Invitations for those with the most compelling stories will be sent out in beginning of June, 2018 to participate in a reception held early fall.  At the reception, the Swedish winners and participants of BAINWORKS 2018 will be announced
- Candidate qualifications: 2nd and 3rd year bachelor, and 1st year master
- Include your results story, CV and university transcripts. Your results story can be from work, academics, or anything else you are passionate about.

- For more information, please
contact us
- To learn more about the Stockholm office

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