Info Session- Universidad Iberoamericana

Start date/Deadline date

Jan 24, 2018

Deadline time


Event location

SUM Edificio F, Primer piso.

Event details

Bain& Company is a strategic consulting firm, which since its foundation in 1973 has maintained that the success of a team of consultants must be measured in terms of the financial results of its clients; therefore, in Bain the results of our clients are as important to us as they are to them. Regardless of the career you have chosen to study, Bain is an excellent place to improve and expand your analytical, administrative and communication skills; all surrounded by unique and very talented people who make Bain an extraordinary place to work. We invite you to the recruitment event that will take place in Salón de usos múltiples Edificio F, primer piso. This event will start at 3:00pm with an informative session and then we will apply a 40 minute exam, which consists of 15 questions, 10 of them are similar to the quantitative section of the GMAT and the remaining 5 of a business case.
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