Women Workshop - Mexico Spring 2023

Start date/Deadline date

Jan 31, 2023

Start time/End time


Time Zone

Mexico City (GMT -06:00) - America




Mexico City


3rd year bachelors, 4th year bachelors, 5th year bachelors, Juniors

Event Location

Information will be sent one day before the event

Event details

In Bain & Company we want the best and most diverse talent to be part of our team 

We’re leading the conversation on how we think about women in business at Bain: we don’t just want women to be successful; we want them to thrive in their careers based on their own priorities and interests.

If you are a female student or undergraduate and you are interested in Consulting, join us in this event where you'll get the chance to talk to our women Consultants and let them share their experience with you!

You'll get to ask and hear about the challenges they have faced and how it has been for them to thrive in their career.

We look forward to meet you!

Time and date: Tuesday, January 31st - 18:30 (CST)

Registration deadline: Thursday, January 26th (before 23:00 CST)

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