Inspirational Leadership for Experienced Professionals

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Jun 23, 2021

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London (GMT +01:00) - Europe


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Working professionals

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Zoom event

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How will you inspire?  

At Bain, we invest in our people. Inspirational Leadership is Bain's exclusive leadership development programme that provides everyone with an individualised, strength-based approach to personal and professional self-development. Focused on supporting the ‘whole person’,  Inspirational Leadership amplifies authenticity, builds meaningful relationships, fosters energising interactions, and strengthens resilience. 

As a working professional, we'd love to share the principles of Inspirational Leadership with you. Join us on Wednesday 23rd June for a virtual 1hr session to learn more, and start defining your personal leadership brand! The deadline to apply is 20th June, and we will share the event link by 21st June.

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