Bridge to EMEA: Meet our EMEA offices - February 25, 2021

Start date/Deadline date

Feb 25, 2021

Start time/End time


Time Zone

Paris (GMT +01:00) - Europe


IE Business School, INSEAD, Judge Business School (University of Cambridge), Said Business School (Oxford)


Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Lagos, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Middle East, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Rome, South Africa - Rand, Stockholm, Warsaw, Zurich


2nd year MBA, 1 Year MBA Program

Event location

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Get a glimpse into what it's like to work in our EMEA offices. 

How is this event going to work?

  1. Start by joining our welcome with Marc Lino! This portion of the meeting will last ~10 minutes and will be an opportunity to hear more about Marc’s career journey at Bain and the work we do in EMEA
  2. From there, we’ll move into small group office breakout meetings via individual zoom links
    1. Here, you can meet with consultants and recruiters from the EMEA office(s) of your choice
    2. During the ~45 minutes you can move between zoom links to meet with multiple offices and get all of your questions answered
    3. After Marc’s presentation ends, you can select and join the zoom link for the office(s) you are interested in

Zoom link for Meet our EMEA offices session

EMEA Regional Overview zoom details (~10 minutes)
Zoom link:  
Meeting ID: 918 9133 7763
Password: 242419

Individual office breakout links

Africa | Johannesburg & Lagos
Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 959 0235 4122
Password :  600412

Zoom link: 
Meeting ID: 987 2843 6592
Password: 663626

Zoom link: 
Meeting ID: 964 6259 1265
Password: 170183

NEW LINK - Germany & Switzerland | Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich & Zurich
Zoom link:                                                                     

Meeting ID:

960 4010 7162



Zoom link: 
Meeting ID: 952 5750 9085
Password: 28518

Join Arjun Ankur to hear about Private Equity (HC/Tech focus), Next Gen Software Solutions, Social Impact
Zoom link:

Join Annebelle Hardens to hear about Women@Bain, Extra 10, Professional Development
Zoom link: 

Join Oliver Ormiston to talk about Veterans@Bain, Case Prep, Telecom 
Zoom link:  

Join Anh Nguyen to discuss Private Equity, BGLAD and CME
Zoom link:  

Join Bianca Petrocochino to discuss Recruiting Process, timelines and logistics 
Zoom link:

Join Minhaj Adil to discuss Acing the Bain Case interviews, Our capabilities in tech / digital, joining Bain in a WFH world, Private Equity vs. Generalist  
Zoom link: 

Join Alice Durnford to discuss Private Equity and transfer opportunities within Bain 
Zoom link:

Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 937 0667 8122
Password: 347379

Middle East 
Zoom link: 
Meeting ID: 935 7959 4977
Password: 500083

Zoom link: 
Meeting ID: 968 5657 6234
Password: 607758

Zoom link: 
Meeting ID: 915 2860 1122
Password:  952628

Zoom link: 
Meeting ID:  957 5577 9684
Password: 105573

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