Coffee Chats for JDs, MDs, PhDs, and Postdocs | Yale University
Coffee Chats for JDs, MDs, PhDs, and Postdocs | Yale University

Start date/Deadline date

Feb 24, 2020

Start time/End time



Yale Law School, Yale Medical School, Yale University


Boston, New York, North America


PhDs, JDs, MDs, Postdocs, Medical residents/fellows

Event location

Yale University | Maison Mathis Yale (304 Elm St, New Haven, CT)

Event details

Coffee Chats with Quentin Sherman, PhD (2nd Year Consultant in Bain's New York office) and Bobbi Lambros (Senior Recruiter, Advanced Degree Consultant Recruiting for Bain's North American offices)

If you are interested in learning more about Bain & Company and if you meet the eligibility criteria outlined below, we hope that you will sign up for a coffee chat with Bobbi or Quentin during their trip to campus!

We kindly request that you do not sign up for chats with both of our representatives to allow as many students a chance to speak with Bain as possible.

These will be 2 on 1 coffee chats for a 20-minute duration to allow us to meet with as many candidates as possible during our day on campus! 

Eligibility Criteria: Coffee chats are intended for candidates that are currently enrolled in an advanced degree program (JD, MD or PhD) or that are currently working in a Postdoc or medical residency/internship. Eligible candidates will be focused on starting their full-time career in 2021.

Registration Instructions:

1) Advanced registration & your resume are required. Click the 'Register' button to begin.

2) Once you've completed the simple registration, click the "My Profile" button, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click "Upload new file" to upload your 1-2 page business format resume. You will be able to replace it with a new version at any time.


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