2019 Bridge to APAC presentation (Downtown)
2019 Bridge to APAC presentation (Downtown)

Start date/Deadline date

Apr 26, 2019

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Columbia University, Columbia University: PhDs and Postdocs, Cornell Law School, Cornell University, New York University (NYU), New York University (NYU) School of Law, New York University (NYU): PhDs and Postdocs, University of Pennsylvania (UPENN), Weill Cornell Medical School, Yale Law School, Yale Medical School, Yale University


Asia Pacific, Bangalore, Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta (RH), Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Mumbai, New Delhi, Perth, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo


Pre-MBA, 1st year MBA, 2nd year MBA, Working professionals, PhDs, JDs, MDs, Postdocs, 2nd year Master, All students

Event location

Caroll Place: 157 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012

Event details

Does your career bucket list include experiencing or returning to Greater China, Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore or many other of the dynamic, ever-changing cities in the Asia-Pacific region? If so, we're looking for exceptional people to join our offices in the Asia-Pacific region. 

We would love to chat have the opportunity to tell you more about us and also get to know you. So please join us at our upcoming Bridge to APAC Presentation to meet our teams who are flying in from Asia to New York specially to meet with you.

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