INSEAD - PRIVATE EQUITY event : Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence and Post-Acquisition Value Creation in Private Equity

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May 23, 2018

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Amphi MBA'70 Fontainebleau Campus

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The challenge for Private Equity funds in the coming years will not be about deploying capital but making good investments. Competition for deals is unrelenting. It has been increasingly clear for years as the PE industry matured that PE funds (GPs) will need to rely on the power of “alpha” to achieve superior returns. “Beta” - driven by GDP growth, multiple expansion and financial leverage -  is often erratic and transitory. It is hardly something PE firms can depend on to build a repeatable model for generating consistent returns and attracting capital from their investors (LPs). In fact, major changes in the external environment are making alpha skills more important than ever to the success of PE funds. Those that can successfully develop and deploy the skills that create alpha consistently do deals that produce more hits and fewer misses.

Fortunately, alpha comes in many shapes and forms. There are good and bad deals to be found across all segments of the market. The returns GPs earn have less to do with the types of deals they do than with the distinctive capabilities they apply at every link of the value chain, from sourcing and screening to managing and exiting the deals they take on. This session will focus on the capabilities PE firms build on managing the deals they take on: post-acquisition value creation. It will describe the different models that currently exist in the private equity industry, the trends going forward and will describe a real life example of value creation on a winning deal.

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