Bain Digital Results Challenge 2021 - April 1

Start date/Deadline date

Mar 01, 2021

Deadline time


Time Zone

Brussels (GMT +01:00) - Europe






3rd year bachelors, 1st year Master

Event location

Blue Tower - Avenue Louise 326, Brussels

Event details

Immerse yourself in a digital transformation in which you bring your management skills to live – together with advanced analytics experts and real business leaders from across industries.

In teams, you will co-create an innovative solution for a real challenge faced by the big players in today’s business world. You will discover how management consultants work and collaborate, and how they are empowered by analytics experts to help business leaders solving their most challenging problems in today’s digital world. It’s an incredible opportunity to discover the business, to take ownership, and to deliver results – fast.

Learn from peers, experts and leading companies
You will be working closely with some of your brightest peers, coming from different backgrounds across the country. You will be closely coached all along the way by real analytics experts and business leaders across different industries.

!! Exclusively for BA3 and MA1 students !!

Application process

Apply by clicking on the link below. You will need to provide your resume(*), a cover letter (optional - which consists of a few lines explaining why you want to participate to this exclusive event) and your transcripts (*) for your application to be complete. Select the Brussels office as your office preference (100%).

We already look forward to meeting you in our offices !

The Brussels recruiting team

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